Flat Mirrors


Nova Optical Systems has come into a large quantity of very high quality optical flat mirrors. These mirrors are polished on both sides to better than 1/20 wave.

These mirrors are government surplus. They have never been used, and most are still in their original packaging.  They were made by 2 companies: Zygo and Spectra Physics.

All of the mirrors for sale are made from Grade A, precision annealed Zerodur

1/20 wave front side

1/4 wave back side.

Scratch-Dig 20/10

Most have polished edges and polished bevels



They come with 2 types of coatings.

Uncoated both sides.-- Perfect for testing other uncoated optics.

Dielectric one side.-- For testing other coated optics.







All mirrors in all sizes are in stock, and can be shipped tomorrow!




2" X 0.4"                     $75.00

2.5" X 0.5"                  $100                         

3" X 0.6                      $200

4" X 0.8                      $300

5" X 1.0"                     $400

6" X 1.2"                     $600




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