Preparing your mirror for shipment



Before shipping:

 Please call or e-mail me before shipping.  Normally the coating takes 3-4 days.  But there may be a reason for slightly longer delays.

If you include an e-mail address I will send you the tracking # when it ships.



Your Name.

Your complete return shipping address. (No P.O. Box addresses. UPS or FedEx  does not ship to P.O. Box numbers.)

Your phone number.

Your e-mail address if you have one.

What you would like the mirror insured for.  Insure the mirror for the new replacement cost of the mirror.

What type of coating you want.



Preparing the Mirror:


Remove mirrors from their mounts, and mirror cells, and backers.  Do not ship anything except the mirror.  If there is anything attached to the mirror it cannot be coated, and will have to be returned.



 Clean the mirror thoroughly, front and back. Remove any inks, paint, adhesives or silicone caulk and labels from the mirror.  Cover the front surface with a soft, non abrasive tissue or cloth.  Wrap the entire mirror tightly with several layers of newspaper. Then in bubble wrap if you have any.




This is the most important part of getting your mirror coated.  Since it is glass, if it breaks UPS will complain about paying the insurance. You need to make it basically un-breakable.




The mirror cannot be packed too well.  If you need to build a box, the best results are to use wood. 2X4 or 2X6 sides, and ½” plywood bottom and lid.  The inside diameter should be at least 2” bigger than the mirror

 Purchase some high density insulating foam sheets from Lowe's or Home Depot. It comes in ½”, 1” and 1-1/2” and 2"  thickness. And is either blue or pink.  Avoid the white Styrofoam sheets, as they are not very dense.  Cut some sheets the size of the inside of the box. Lay 1-2 sheets in the bottom of the box.  Stack sheets the same thickness as the mirror, and cut a circular hole in them the same diameter as the wrapped mirror. Place them in the box and place the mirror inside.  Stack more sheets on top until the sheets are even with the top of the box.  Include any needed paperwork inside, and screw the top on.




Be sure to cover up any old labels completely.  Just X-ing the old label is not sufficient.  Modern labels have bar codes that are read by machines

 If you want you can put fragile Glass stickers on the package, but keep in mind that nobody but you and me will care.






You can fill out labels online at  or  You can even arrange a pickup online.


Please-Please-Please don’t use USPS.  They have good service, but they don’t deliver.  I must drive 20 miles to the post office, wait in line 20 minutes.  I will not be happy when I leave.  They are also significantly more expensive for large packages.


Ship To:

Nova Optical Systems

Steve Dodds

14121 S. Shaggy Mountain Cir.

Herriman, UT  84096

(801) 446-1802




I can take a personal check or money order, also PayPal to


You do not have to include the payment with the mirror.  You can just ship the mirror, and then when you know what the shipping charges are, you can follow it up with a check through the mail, or PayPal.  Not having a check with the mirror will not delay the coating process at all.

 But do enclose a note with you name,address,phone#, e-mail address if you have one, and of course the coating type.