Customer Comments


"Had a chance to get some viewing in the last few nights with the 22". WOW!, Superb Views! 22 is a big step up from 16" and the mirror performs really well. Stars snap into focus, detail on the Moon was incredible, even with so-so seeing."

Tom O.

"The mirror gives sharp, crisp images with excellent illumination. Your delivery time was well within my expectations and the price was very reasonable. Whenever I sit at my eyepiece and gaze into my new universe I will think of the fine work you put into my mirror."

Greg M.

"The 10" f/6 mirror is an excellent performer, I appreciate your efforts."

Rick S.

"While at a star party several folks said the images in my 15" rivaled 20" Dob's at the same gathering. After checking myself, they were right. I must really take my hat off to Steve at Nova Optical for the first rate mirror he made for me."

Vernon K.

"I finally received the 28" f/4 mirror you made for me about two weeks ago. I now have a couple of nights to evaluate it's performance."

"I must say that I am very, very pleased with this mirror's image quality. For a large, short f/ratio mirror, this has remarkably sharp images. Objects such as M13 are a myriad of sharp, pinpoint stars at 150X, and actual color is visible in the cluster's brighter members."

"Jupiter can actually be observed at full aperture, the image is clear and contrasty."

"I'm looking forward to many sessions of enjoyable observing in the months and years ahead, and I wish to commend you on both the excellent quality of your product and the timely completion of the mirror. It was truly a unique experience to be kept informed as to the progress of the work, and that made the wait a lot easier."

Lawrence C.

"The enclosed images of Jupiter showing impact features from comet Shoemaker-Levy were made using the 10" f/9 mirror that you delivered to me in such a timely fashion this past April. It is a very fine optic who's performance continues to pleasantly surprise me. Thank you for providing such a fine example of skill and integrity. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to friends and acquaintances."

Tom D.

"I want to thank you very much for the best mirror I've ever looked through, and this is not only my opnion. It is no problem to split double stars .9" apart, even in warm summer skies. The stars are resolved with a clear, dark line between. Jupiter shows at least 10 different bands, with many spots and clearly visible storms."

"The light gathering power of this 16" is somewhat astonishing, Spephen's quintet is clearly visible. M57 has a tiny pinhead spot in it's center, with a detailed smokey ring."

Alexander K.

"This scope totally opened my eyes to deep sky observing. My previous largest scope was 10" in aperture, and the Obsession 15" totally blows it away on all objects observed. The NOVA mirror also proved to be excellent. Star images were small and tight with identical intra/extra images. M13 with a 7mm Nagler was mind boggling. Stars were pinpoints with resolution right through the core. And the images were distinctly 3D in appearance and really bright! Never thought I'd say that about any deep sky object."

Sandy C.



"The mirror you made is supurb. I looked at Jupiter low in the sky and despite the conditions, you could see color in the bands and in moments of good seeing, seven or eight bands. This was with a 12mm eyepiece and a 2X barlow. M13 just blew my mind. I don't have any high power eyepieces because my other scopes through the years would not take high power; now I need a good 6 to 5mm eyepiece. Many thanks for an excellent Mirror."

Charles D.


"I am impressed by the quality of the 30" mirror I purchased from Nova Optical Systems, and I must thank Steve Dodds for figuring such a marvelous mirror. I only wonder to what site I must go to reach it's optical limits- Perhaps the Moon? On an extremely steady night, I was able to look at the tiny Aity disk of 10th magnitude stars, and subtle structures on the cat's eye nebula. The Star test proves that this is indeed an exceptional mirror: the inward and outward out of focus star images are very smooth and show only very subtle differences."

Vincent L



"The views I was getting were truly breathtaking, I can't begin to convey my delight!"

G. Z.



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