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The Owner Steve Dodds





Polishing Machines

16" & 20" Mirrors Being Polished


Polishing a 25"




The Test Room

Nova Optical uses optical flats to test all of our mirrors.

32" Optical Flat


A 25" Mirror Under Test Using The 32" Optical Flat


16" Optical Flat


A 15" Mirror Under Test Using The 16" Optical Flat



Testing The Radius With A Spherometer



Checking The Anneal With Polarized Light

The annealing process removes stress within the glass.

Both images are the same 25" mirror. As the polarizer is rotated

it will cut off all of the light passing through the mirror. Any unannealed parts of the mirror will allow light to pass through.



Testing diagonal mirrors with a Zygo interferometer

More Pictures Coming Soon


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